IF Comp 2014 Results, and upcoming post-mortem discussion

IF Comp 2014 is over! Congratulations to Sean M. Shore for the winning entry Hunger Daemon, a thoroughly enjoyable piece of work. Full comp results, including the stats breakdown on all the votes, can be found at the IF Comp website. There are also some interesting author post-mortems on various games turning up on the … Continue reading “IF Comp 2014 Results, and upcoming post-mortem discussion”

IF Comp 2014 Roundup

I have now reviewed all the comp games I am going to review, which is to say, all of them except a Windows-only work I am not able to play. Most recent years I’ve done an end-of-comp roundup (2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007) in which I talk about standout games, as well as some … Continue reading “IF Comp 2014 Roundup”

IF Comp 2014: The Contortionist (Nicholas Stillman)

The Contortionist is a puzzly game that uses a menu of verbs, somewhere between parser and choice-based. I played for a while normally, then as much further as I could with the walkthrough, until I got to a point where the walkthrough did not help.