Alabaster feedback

As Alabaster is in large part an experiment with the underlying conversation system, I would very much welcome feedback about how the system behaves so that I can refine it for future use. As background: how much the system prompts the player is already an adjustable feature (up to turning off quip prompts entirely, for … Continue reading “Alabaster feedback”

Alabaster status

Currently there’s a release 3 available here. Release 3 addresses several bugs and adds new vocabulary for certain actions. It also plays significantly faster on slow machines, especially under Windows. (I haven’t built a Windows installers for this yet, so that installer still contains release 1. I’ll update that when I have a chance.) (All … Continue reading “Alabaster status”

More on Graphics in Alabaster

So I’ve been working more on the Alabaster graphics — really the main thing that is still left before release. (Re my complaints back here, I think I have fixed the very worst speed hangup with optimizations in my own code, and then David Kinder has awesomely put in some work that will lead to … Continue reading “More on Graphics in Alabaster”

Alabaster Graphics and Collage

The remaining significant work on Alabaster consists of building the graphical status line on the left side of the screen. My original idea was that this image should give hints about Snow White’s current state of mind (or your state of mind about her), by showing her with different expressions. Daniel Allington, who is contributing … Continue reading “Alabaster Graphics and Collage”

Alabaster 31 (Invisible Progress)

Have now: had more human beta-testing and incorporated the feedback (of which there was not a huge amount) removed the Conversation Builder extension and commented out a lot of the support code from the main game file, so that what remains now in the game is only the material that is intended for the final … Continue reading “Alabaster 31 (Invisible Progress)”

Alabaster 30a

Having got rid of the annoying flaw in disambiguation (I hope), I’ve posted the latest build of Alabaster. The plan at the moment is to do a little more beta-testing to make sure that the conversation is sufficiently rounded out; then to remove the conversation-building machinery and do the last speed tests and refinements once … Continue reading “Alabaster 30a”