Parrigues Tarot (draft)

I’ve tweeted a bunch about this project, but talked about it less on my blog: for a while I’ve been working on a followup to Annals of the Parrigues called Parrigues Tarot, a system that generates tarot card descriptions like these: Though it might seem similar, this was actually a much more difficult and extensive … Continue reading “Parrigues Tarot (draft)”

End of August Link Assortment

Events The People’s Republic of IF, the Cambridge MA-based IF group, meets today, August 31, at 6:30 PM Eastern online. September 1 is the deadline to register as an author for IF Comp, and the games themselves will be due September 28. This year, unusually, there is a move so that authors participating in the … Continue reading “End of August Link Assortment”

The Uncanny Deck: Co-authoring with GPT-2

Many years ago, I started writing a fantasy story. In the story, there was a culturally important game you could play with friends, which was usually mostly a bit like poker. The thing was, every once in a while you would draw some totally weird extra card that had never been in the pack before. … Continue reading “The Uncanny Deck: Co-authoring with GPT-2”

Curating Simulated Storyworlds (James Ryan) – Ch 6f

This is the third of several posts about James Ryan’s dissertation, Curating Simulated Storyworlds. We are now reading chapters 6 and following, in which Ryan describes his own projects in the curated emergent narrative space. After the first five chapters, this piece becomes considerably more narrative in its own structure: Ryan is (consciously) telling the … Continue reading “Curating Simulated Storyworlds (James Ryan) – Ch 6f”

Iterating San Tilapian Studies

Over the years since I first ran it, I’ve made a few iterations of my narrative (large-)party game San Tilapian Studies. It’s also been run by other people with their own versions of the stickers and text, and even been made available to the public at the Wellcome Play Spectacular. In 2015, I offered a … Continue reading “Iterating San Tilapian Studies”

End of August Link Assortment

inkle studios has announced ink jam, a jam for people writing in ink, running August 31-September 3. (So basically right away, if you want to be part of that.) If you’re planning to enter IF Comp, you should submit your intent to enter pretty much now: the deadline is upon us. September 7 is the … Continue reading “End of August Link Assortment”