Writing for Seltani: Aspel Post-mortem Part 2

This is Part 2 of a post-mortem series about my multiplayer Seltani game Aspel. Part 1 talked about things I omitted entirely from the design, and some things that I put in that didn’t work quite right. Part 2 talks about things that did work, and things that started out not working but that I … Continue reading “Writing for Seltani: Aspel Post-mortem Part 2”

Writing for Seltani: an Aspel Post-mortem

Seltani is Andrew Plotkin’s platform for multiplayer choice-based IF. He’s written about it and its world model here, and we had an IF discussion club meet in/about it, from which the transcript is available. I’ve also been kicking around some ideas for multiplayer IF for a while, in one form or another, which I’ve previously … Continue reading “Writing for Seltani: an Aspel Post-mortem”

Spring Thing 2015, and Aspel

Spring Thing is now open, with nine new games: six in the main category, three in the “Back Garden” area for games that aren’t in competition for prizes and have somewhat looser entry requirements. There’s a mix of systems, too — Twine, Undum, Seltani, Glulx and z-machine, and Ren’Py. My contribution is a Back Garden … Continue reading “Spring Thing 2015, and Aspel”

Learning about Multiplayer Puzzle Design from Escape Rooms

I’m standing on a London street across from a scrap metal recycling establishment, in front of a door with no sign except a cryptic symbol. I’ve been told I will only be admitted if I press the buzzer at exactly the right time. A stranger asks me whether I’ve “had experiences like this” before. I … Continue reading “Learning about Multiplayer Puzzle Design from Escape Rooms”

February Link Assortment

Upcoming events: We’ve got a range of things happening in the Oxford/London Meetup: there’s a talk in Oxford on Iain Pears’ Arcadia, including me as a panelist, March 2, as well as meets in Oxford April 3, and in London April 19. * Spring Thing is happening again this year, and you still have until … Continue reading “February Link Assortment”

2015 in Interactive Fiction So Far

It might seem a little late in the calendar year to do a half-year roundup of interactive fiction, but in fact the end of September is typically the turning point of the year: after summer is over but just before the release of the annual IF Comp games. First, a general Don’t Miss category. This … Continue reading “2015 in Interactive Fiction So Far”