Natural Language Understanding for Characters

[This post is part of a short series on Character Engine and what we’re doing at Spirit AI. I’m writing these posts with IF and interactive narrative folks in mind, but more general-audience versions of the same content are also appearing on Spirit’s Medium account. Follow us there if you’re interested in hearing regularly about what … Continue reading “Natural Language Understanding for Characters”

Memory and Knowledge for Characters

[For a couple of years now, I’ve reserved the first Tuesday of the month for a review of a book on writing or game design that might be of interest to IF folks. I’m still doing one of those in March, but it will come out the 19th, while I’m at GDC. Instead, this post is … Continue reading “Memory and Knowledge for Characters”

Information Flow and Gradual Characterization

Ran across an interesting post from Krystian Majewski on design problems with multiple choice dialogue, which, among other things, draws on some play-testing reports on Emerald City Confidential: [Playfirst] did a user test of the indie point-and-click adventure Emerald City Confidential and they described how casual gamers reacted when they first encountered a multiple choice … Continue reading “Information Flow and Gradual Characterization”

Mailbag: Breaking into Writing for Voice UI

Dear Emily, [personal information redacted] I have been following your articles for a long time and I decided to write to you because I am stuck: I would like to expand my skills in the game design field but at the same time I started to get interested in voice applications. I have read that … Continue reading “Mailbag: Breaking into Writing for Voice UI”

Mailbag: Statefulness without a Parser

Hi Emily, I appreciate the content you create to further the IF community. I’m curious what games or platforms stand out to solve some of the issues you listed in your parser article 9 [years] ago. I’d like to create a text heavy game with detailed world state and want to research the projects that … Continue reading “Mailbag: Statefulness without a Parser”