SPAG 60, with Demo Fair Goodness

SPAG #60 is now available, and it brings with it the promised write-up of the IF Demo Fair from PAX East: entry names and descriptions, links to the entries and/or the authors’ websites where appropriate, and commentary from people who were there. Many thanks to the Demo Fair audience members who helped me assemble comments … Continue reading “SPAG 60, with Demo Fair Goodness”

IF Demo Fair: Desiring Flights and other interactive poetry

Desiring Flights (Barry Moon and Chris Danowski) is a word-centric work, though with strong visual elements in two of its three levels; I might be inclined to call it interactive poetry, but I’m not sure that’s the best description given that the words were as often props as they were objects of contemplation in their … Continue reading “IF Demo Fair: Desiring Flights and other interactive poetry”

IF Demo Fair: Lessons Learned

Several people have suggested to me that we should do more demo fairs in the future. I’m not done wrapping up the last tasks for this one — I’m still finishing the SPAG coverage, and I owe mail to some authors — so the prospect of running one again myself is vaguely daunting. But in … Continue reading “IF Demo Fair: Lessons Learned”

IF Demo Fair themes: procedural generation

A couple of the submissions to the Demo Fair focused on procedural generation of content or of surface text. (There was meant, in fact, to be another demo to do with narrative generation that didn’t get finished in time; a real pity.) This wasn’t something I’d explicitly suggested as a focus for the program, but … Continue reading “IF Demo Fair themes: procedural generation”

IF Demo Fair: “what if im the bad guy?”

Aaron Reed’s contribution to the IF Demo Fair was introduced with the following description: Exploring a frozen battlefield moment from a half dozen violently conflicting perspectives, this prototype (part of the author’s work towards a digital arts MFA) merges traditional IF with video, sound, and web conventions. Inspired by the currently unfolding trials of six … Continue reading “IF Demo Fair: “what if im the bad guy?””

IF Demo Fair themes: interface

I should have posted about this more immediately, but I came home from PAX East with a bad cold and I’m just now getting really over it. However: the IF Demo Fair went off with a minimum of fuss and a lot of great entries. (And if you’re curious what the physical setup was like, … Continue reading “IF Demo Fair themes: interface”