Oxford/London First Meetup

The inaugural meetup of the Oxford/London interactive fiction group was well attended, and ran for a good four and a half hours before the last of us had to go our separate ways. Many thanks to those who came! We talked about loads of things, as you might expect, including work in progress by several … Continue reading “Oxford/London First Meetup”

Mid-February Link Assortment

Mask demo! This month’s link assortment is a few days later than usual; that’s because I was focused in the first half of February on launching the demo for Mask of the Rose, the new game I’ve been working on at Failbetter. Mask of the Rose is set in the Fallen London universe, but decades … Continue reading “Mid-February Link Assortment”

End of November Link Assortment

Events December 4 is the next meetup of the San Francisco Bay Area IF Group. December 12 is the next meetup of the Seattle/Tacoma IF Group, meeting online via Discord. The Ectocomp competition for spooky and Halloween-y games is now over, but the entries can still be played. Or, if you’re looking for something to … Continue reading “End of November Link Assortment”

End of September Link Assortment

Events Tomorrow, October 1, IF Comp games will be available to play and judge. Anyone can participate in judging — so if you want to be part of that, check out the website for instructions. The judging period runs through November 15. October 2 is the next meetup of the San Francisco Bay Area IF … Continue reading “End of September Link Assortment”

End of February Link Assortment

Events March 1 is the registration deadline for Spring Thing 2021, so if you’re planning on participating, sign up ASAP. March 6 is the next meeting of the SF/Bay Area IF Meetup. March 21 is the next meeting of the Seattle/Tacoma IF Meetup. The group will feature Hanon Ondricek to play and discuss his 2016 game Fair 1. March 28 is the … Continue reading “End of February Link Assortment”