feelies.org and other odd recollections

Tonight (June 20), the London IF meetup is going to play In Case of Emergency, a game delivered mostly through the format of physical props. The prospect of this has me thinking again about narrative told through objects, a topic I sometimes come back to here: everything from the work of the Mysterious Package Company … Continue reading “feelies.org and other odd recollections”

Savoir-Faire Feelies as PDF

Thanks to Vince Laviano, there is now a PDF version of the Savoir-Faire feelies. These were once produced in physical form, and included — a modern-day letter (page 1 of the PDF) offering some context — a pamphlet about the history of the Lavori d’Aracne — a scrap of somewhat tattered old paper containing a … Continue reading “Savoir-Faire Feelies as PDF”

Feelies, Maps, Cover Art

The new Treaty of Babel standard for interactive fiction files allows games to come with cover art, to be displayed by complying interpreters at the beginning of a game. Not all interpreters do this yet, but it is becoming increasingly common. Having cover art can be good for a game’s publicity outside of the IF … Continue reading “Feelies, Maps, Cover Art”