ICIDS: The future of interactive storytelling, plus some Versu thoughts

Hartmut Koenitz submitted a talk for ICIDS that was essentially a manifesto about what needs to happen next in interactive digital narrative, and accompanied this with a workshop on the future of interactive storytelling. The points of the manifesto are as follow: We need a new theory of narrative for interactive digital narrative in order … Continue reading “ICIDS: The future of interactive storytelling, plus some Versu thoughts”

ICIDS: Interactive Documentary

I mentioned in my general ICIDS post that William Uricchio spoke about interactive documentaries: interactive story forms designed to convey information, sometimes by journalists to support news articles, sometimes as stand-alone long-form projects. He showed us his team’s project _docubase, a collection of (currently) 172 documentaries: these aren’t hosted at _docubase, but have catalog entries … Continue reading “ICIDS: Interactive Documentary”

ICIDS, Some Thoughts

ICIDS is an academic conference in interactive storytelling. This year it was held in Singapore, and I was invited as a speaker, which was awesome. I spoke about Versu and Blood & Laurels. Graham Nelson accompanied me, and though he was sightseeing for some portion of the trip, he did come along to one of … Continue reading “ICIDS, Some Thoughts”

Call for Papers: ICIDS 2014

From the call for papers from ICIDS 2014, held in Singapore in November this year: The International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS) is the premier venue for researchers, practitioners and theorists to present recent results, share novel techniques and insights, and exchange ideas about this new storytelling medium… The ICIDS conference series has a … Continue reading “Call for Papers: ICIDS 2014”

Mid-May Link Assortment

Events May 16 is the next Seattle Area IF Meetup. May 17 is the next Boston Area IF Meetup. May 23 is a workshop-style meeting of the London/Oxford IF Meetup. The group will be offering feedback on open design problems (some tips and guidelines are included in the event description). You’re welcome whether or not you’ve got an open … Continue reading “Mid-May Link Assortment”

End of April Link Assortment

Events May 1 will be the beginning of the fourth annual Rayuela de Arena interactive fiction jam. Submissions will be open until May 30. May 1 is also the opening of ParserComp 2021. Submissions can be sent in until June 30. May 1 is also the next SF Bay Area Meetup. May 7 is the Spring Thing voting deadline, when you … Continue reading “End of April Link Assortment”