Idea to Implementation

One of the most tricky aspects of amateur game development is just working out what workflow you’re going to use to get from point A, your germ of a premise, to point B, the finished game you can release. (This is not always as much of a solved problem in commercial game development as one … Continue reading “Idea to Implementation”

Mailbag: Macro to Micro Ideas

Today’s question, gathered from Twitter a little while back, is this: How do you go from the macro to the micro, i.e. from a big, broad idea for a game to the concrete instantiation of it? A long time ago I wrote Idea to Implementation, a discussion of how to get from implementation to completed … Continue reading “Mailbag: Macro to Micro Ideas”

Versu: Conversation Implementation

This is one of several design articles about the new interactive narrative platform Versu, which Richard Evans and I have been building with a team at Linden Lab. Any platform focused on social interaction needs strong conversation handling. The following article goes into a certain amount of technical detail about what the system does and … Continue reading “Versu: Conversation Implementation”

Ideas for Interactive Fiction

Recently there has been a bit of an argument raging on several blogs about how much a game idea stands alone, how much it’s worth without any implementation, apropos of Squidi’s 300 game mechanics page. I’m not going to dive into this debate, mostly because the point I’d want to make has already been made … Continue reading “Ideas for Interactive Fiction”

Making of Counterfeit Monkey: Puzzles and Toys

This is the first of a couple of making-of posts about Counterfeit Monkey, in case people are interested: these are a bit like some of the making-of material I’ve published about Bronze and other games, but I’m splitting it up between story discussion and puzzle discussion. We’ll start with puzzles. This is going to be … Continue reading “Making of Counterfeit Monkey: Puzzles and Toys”

Game-writing from the pros

I had the privilege of participating in the AI Summit at GDC 2010, which also bought me an All Access pass to the rest of the conference. I went to some of the other AI sessions — all very interesting, though many of them focused on aspects of game design that have little to do … Continue reading “Game-writing from the pros”