Lifeline: Silent Night (3 Minute Games)

Lifeline: Silent Night is a (very lightly) Christmas-themed sequel to the original Lifeline (though, mercifully, it has no important connection with the disappointing Lifeline 2). In it, Taylor, the gender-nonspecific protagonist of the original game, has gotten into trouble aboard the ship home after the events of Lifeline. (I have always thought of Taylor as … Continue reading “Lifeline: Silent Night (3 Minute Games)”

Lifeline 2 (3 Minute Games)

I just have to grab a few things on my way back to New Tenacity. Artifacts, you know. Objects of intense mystical power. The usual. Lifeline 2 is a sequel in form, not in content, to the tremendously successful Lifeline from earlier this year. Lifeline was one of the first games to work on the … Continue reading “Lifeline 2 (3 Minute Games)”

Lifeline (3 Minute Games)

Lifeline is an iOS and Android mobile game in which you are fielding a distress call from someone named Taylor (gender never actually specified — I’ve seen some reviews refer to Taylor as male, but I pictured a woman). Taylor was the youngest, most naive crew member aboard a space ship that has crashed on … Continue reading “Lifeline (3 Minute Games)”

Mailbag: Finding Inspiration in Non-Obvious Subject Matter

I used to publish questions that people have asked me either by email or on Twitter. That went on a hiatus for a while; to kick it off again, I asked Twitter folks what they’d be most interested in seeing me write about. Here was one of the questions: Where [do] you look for or … Continue reading “Mailbag: Finding Inspiration in Non-Obvious Subject Matter”

Mid-October Link Assortment

IF Comp judging is currently in progress — if you’d like to judge or review games, now is your chance to check that out and submit your votes.  Voting ends November 15. The IGDA Foundation is now accepting 2019 GDC scholarship applications for aspiring and current game designers.  The opportunity for IGDA Scholars, IGDA Velocity, and IGDA Next … Continue reading “Mid-October Link Assortment”

End of September Link Assortment

IF Comp is here!  As of October 1, games are public and will be available for play and review.  Voting ends November 15. From Now – February 24, 2019, the Victoria and Albert Museum is featuring an exhibit on contemporary video games. On October 3, Tellables CEO Amy Stapleton is speaking on conversational storytelling at Digital Book World in Nashville, TN.  Stapleton also … Continue reading “End of September Link Assortment”