Mailbag: Courses of Study

I want to dive into narrative design. [Professors at a game program] say that it’s possible for them to teach graduates on how to be indie developers. That made me laugh, I don’t really believe their tales. Yet I doubt which faculty should I choose in order to gather some useful skills. There are some … Continue reading “Mailbag: Courses of Study”

Mailbag: Development Process for Storylet-based Interactive Fiction

I’ve been a fan of your site and writing since 2009. Two of your older articles have been nagging at me recently — the one about writing prose for IF, and the other about your drafting process (with examples from Metamorphoses and Bronze, respectively). I have been wondering how they would look updated for writing … Continue reading “Mailbag: Development Process for Storylet-based Interactive Fiction”

Mailbag: Breaking into Writing for Voice UI

Dear Emily, [personal information redacted] I have been following your articles for a long time and I decided to write to you because I am stuck: I would like to expand my skills in the game design field but at the same time I started to get interested in voice applications. I have read that … Continue reading “Mailbag: Breaking into Writing for Voice UI”

Mailbag: Statefulness without a Parser

Hi Emily, I appreciate the content you create to further the IF community. I’m curious what games or platforms stand out to solve some of the issues you listed in your parser article 9 [years] ago. I’d like to create a text heavy game with detailed world state and want to research the projects that … Continue reading “Mailbag: Statefulness without a Parser”

Mailbag: Moments of Non-Choice

This is a slightly unusual mailbag post because the question was asked in chat context, but it turned out to be something where I felt a number of other people would be interested in the answer, so I’ve paraphrased and expanded what I said there. I have a story point where the protagonist has to … Continue reading “Mailbag: Moments of Non-Choice”

Mailbag: IF and game writers

As you studied IF for a long time, would you think IF writers are videogame professional writers, or those are 2 separated groups of people ? And would you be able to estimate the number of IF writers ?  [I’ve edited out a number of side points, but the longer letter also made clear that … Continue reading “Mailbag: IF and game writers”