Mailbag: Self-Training in Narrative Design

Big fan here—of your IF pieces and also of the way you’ve spread interactive fiction outside the IF community. I’m emailing to ask if you have any advice on IF education and bringing it to new platforms/media.  [Some personally identifying information about the writer’s educational background redacted.] As I move forward with securing workshop/speaking/consulting gigs, … Continue reading “Mailbag: Self-Training in Narrative Design”

Dagstuhl Workshop on Narrative and Social Graphs

I’m currently in Germany for the Dagstuhl seminar Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Games: AI Driven Game Design. Wednesday, I was part of a workshop focusing on social network analysis and its application to narrative: how are social networks graphed? What kinds of information can they contain? What data could be associated with an edge — number … Continue reading “Dagstuhl Workshop on Narrative and Social Graphs”

Mailbag: High-Agency Narrative Systems

Today’s mailbag entry (at the request of the submitter, anonymized and edited a little) gets into the question of how to create salience and quality-based narratives and other similar games, given that typically one has to build one’s own. What I keep getting drawn toward on a personal level is your work–and other people’s work … Continue reading “Mailbag: High-Agency Narrative Systems”

Interactive Digital Narrative: Theory

This is part two of an overview of Interactive Digital Narrative: History, Theory, and Practice. See my earlier post for coverage of the book’s history section (and one practice chapter that I took out of order because it felt like it fit better that way). This time we’re looking at the theory section, which addresses academic approaches … Continue reading “Interactive Digital Narrative: Theory”

Digital Narratives of Time, Death, and Utopia: Arcadia (Iain Pears) et al

I began Arcadia – a novel conceived and written for an app – over four and a half years ago when a lot of people were musing about digital narrative. After working my way through three publishers, two designers, four sets of coders and a lot of anguish, I am no longer surprised that few … Continue reading “Digital Narratives of Time, Death, and Utopia: Arcadia (Iain Pears) et al”