IF Comp 2015: Kane County (Michael Sterling, Tia Orisney)

The 21st annual Interactive Fiction Competition is currently on, through mid-November. Voting is open to the general public; the only prerequisite is that you not be an author, not vote on games that you tested, and submit votes on at least five games. (You emphatically do not have to have played them all! In a … Continue reading “IF Comp 2015: Kane County (Michael Sterling, Tia Orisney)”

November Link Assortment

Upcoming events: Boston, Dec 2: Purple Blurb at which Christian Bok will read from The Xenotext. Copenhagen, Dec 2-4: ICIDS conference meets, with keynotes by Chris Crawford and Paul Mulholland. This is an academic conference in digital storytelling that in the past has looked at procedural narrative, character modeling, authoring tools, augmented reality experiences, interactive … Continue reading “November Link Assortment”

Guest post: Kane County reviewed by SA

The following review is the result of a trade. Gamebook author SA asked me to review their work, and I agreed, if SA would in turn review a currently-running IF Comp game. Here is SA’s review of Kane County, which I’m hosting as SA doesn’t have a suitable blog of their own. I also reviewed … Continue reading “Guest post: Kane County reviewed by SA”