Vesp: A History of Sapphic Scaphism (Porpentine)

Vesp: A History of Sapphic Scaphism  is a Porpentine game commissioned for Vice. It tells the story of a person obsessed with wasps, desiring to be a wasp, and inhabiting a world where wasps are pestilentially omnipresent. Leaving our apartment requires exiting through a wasplock, lest they get into our flat. (Edit: I originally misunderstood … Continue reading “Vesp: A History of Sapphic Scaphism (Porpentine)”

Neon Haze (Porpentine, Brenda Neotenomie)

Neon Haze is this week’s release at Sub-Q Magazine. A side note: If you are interested in IF, especially Twine IF with a speculative fiction focus, you should be paying attention to Sub-Q: it’s an ambitious venture, a website with stories and interviews that pays pro rates for interactive fiction. It provides some resources for … Continue reading “Neon Haze (Porpentine, Brenda Neotenomie)”

Eczema Angel Orifice (Porpentine)

Eczema Angel Orifice is an anthology of Porpentine’s work from the last several years, assembled into an application with a soundtrack by Brenda Neotenomie and authorial notes for each piece. Because Porpentine is prolific, there is a lot in the collection, including a number of works I’ve reviewed individually on this blog: howling dogs, Their … Continue reading “Eczema Angel Orifice (Porpentine)”

Spring Thing 2015: Ruiness (Porpentine); Missing Since ’77 (Andrew Watt)

Ruiness is a Porpentine game, and as such is typically difficult to summarize. It takes place in an evocative post-apocalyptic wasteland in which people have roles like “scavenger” and “dustrunner”, as well as apparently belonging to different species and riding various creatures. Most of the gameplay is exploratory and concerns uncovering new places to go, … Continue reading “Spring Thing 2015: Ruiness (Porpentine); Missing Since ’77 (Andrew Watt)”

Hybrid interfaces: Texture; Contrition (Porpentine); Spondre (Jay Nabonne)

Lately we’ve been seeing more and more work that falls somewhere between parser-based IF and hypertext: in the past six weeks or so, I’ve run across two new games and a creation tool that push the boundaries in various directions. Jim Munroe and Juhana Leinonen recently released Texture, a system designed especially to produce touch-based … Continue reading “Hybrid interfaces: Texture; Contrition (Porpentine); Spondre (Jay Nabonne)”