Worldbuilding in Immersive Theatre, and the Punchdrunk style

Earlier this month I took a one-day design masterclass with Punchdrunk, the immersive theatre company. I’ve previously written about seeing their work Sleep No More and Against Captain’s Orders. Their work has been a design inspiration especially for thinking about narratives where the characters are all in motion and the player is choosing which to … Continue reading “Worldbuilding in Immersive Theatre, and the Punchdrunk style”

Against Captain’s Orders (Punchdrunk / National Maritime Museum)

Against Captain’s Orders is an interactive theater experience run by Punchdrunk for the National Maritime Museum in London. It’s designed for a group of about 30 kids. Most of the productions require an adult to be accompanied at least one child between the ages of six and twelve, but they do run a special evening … Continue reading “Against Captain’s Orders (Punchdrunk / National Maritime Museum)”

Mid-February Link Assortment

Events February 20 Jason McIntosh will be leading an IF playthrough and speaking about IFTF at the Providence Geeks meetup. The next Boston IF Meetup will be Thursday, February 21, 6:30 pm, MIT room 14N-233. On February 23 the Baltimore/DC IF Meetup will look at Grimnoir and Cragne Manor. February 28 is the deadline to apply to attend GAIA, a three-day event in Buenos Aires … Continue reading “Mid-February Link Assortment”

The Mermaid’s Tears (BBC R&D)

The Mermaid’s Tears is a short radio play (really, just a few minutes long) that allows the listener to switch audio positions and hear the story from any of three perspectives: as Dee or Bill, police officers, or as Lesley, the mother of a sick child. Dee and Bill have questions about how the child … Continue reading “The Mermaid’s Tears (BBC R&D)”

Life in a Northern Town (People + Places, Spring Thing 2018)

From Spring Thing 2018, Life in a Northern Town is what sometimes gets called dynamic fiction as a subset of interactive fiction: a piece in which, for most characters, you’re never making a single choice that changes an outcome or modifies the shape of a narrative. (Brianna’s chapter, in inklewriter, is an exception: she has actual … Continue reading “Life in a Northern Town (People + Places, Spring Thing 2018)”