Mid-July Link Assortment

IF Comp 2016 is open for entry. New Releases From Christopher Huang, we had the small mystery puzzler Mustard, Music, and Murder. B Minus Seven released At Anchor, a brief and poetic story about searching a beach for items. I’ve also been hearing good things about Open Sorcery, a sizable Twine game from Abigail Corfman … Continue reading “Mid-July Link Assortment”

Jim Munroe on Texture and “Pretty Sure”

Texture is a tool for choice-based interactive fiction, but one with explicit verbs rather than simple links in the text. Designed to feel natural on touch screen devices as well as in the browser, it lets you drag a verb from the bottom of the screen and position it over one or more hot spots … Continue reading “Jim Munroe on Texture and “Pretty Sure””

March Link Assortment

Now Play This is almost upon us, at Somerset House: April 1-3, a display of many intriguing and unusual games, plus microtalks and various other goodies. Birdland will be on display, as well as new work from S. Woodson, and Matthew Moore’s tabletop game Bring Your Own Book. (BYOB is in pre-order now, incidentally, and it may … Continue reading “March Link Assortment”

Problem Attic (Liz Ryerson)

At the PRACTICE conference last weekend, I talked over lunch with some fellow attendees about the fact that understanding games as art requires something from the players, something that the culture of games has only weakly and occasionally embraced. Specifically, if games are a product, then we can expect them to cater to us, to make … Continue reading “Problem Attic (Liz Ryerson)”

October Link Assortment

Upcoming meetings and events: Wordplay in Toronto is November 7. There will be talks about text-based games, there will be demos of other games, there will be assorted IF folks. I am speaking. Perhaps I will see you there. Also November 7, London: ProcJam launches with a series of free talks about procedurally generating things. … Continue reading “October Link Assortment”