Spring Thing 2013: A Roiling Original

A Roiling Original is a wordplay game by Andrew Schultz, a sequel to 2012’s Shuffling Around (my review). It uses a similar mechanic of changing one object into another via anagrams, and is an entrant in Spring Thing 2013. More detailed thoughts after the break. If you’re planning to play and vote on Spring Thing … Continue reading “Spring Thing 2013: A Roiling Original”

Spring Thing 2013: Witch’s Girl

Witch’s Girl is a Twine game entered in the Spring Thing 2013 competition. It’s a light-hearted fantasy puzzle game with tropes from fairy tales and children’s fiction. Structurally a bit reminiscent of Andrew Plotkin’s puzzly multiple-choice fanfic Bigger Than You Think, Witch’s Girl rewards playing back through previously visited branches of a CYOA tree with … Continue reading “Spring Thing 2013: Witch’s Girl”

Spy EYE (The Marino Family, Spring Thing 2018)

From Spring Thing 2018, Spy EYE is a continuation of the Mrs. Wobbles series (Mysterious Floor; Parrot the Pirate; Switcheroo). Like the earlier pieces in the series, it’s an Undum work that tells a part-fantasy, part-reality story about children in foster care. (I also highly recommend Lucian Smith’s guest post about Switcheroo.) In this case, the … Continue reading “Spy EYE (The Marino Family, Spring Thing 2018)”

Spring Thing 2016: The Xylophoniad; Foo Foo

I’ve been playing more of the games from this year’s Spring Thing. (You too can play! And vote! And review, if you wish!) The Xylophoniad is a parser adventure by Robin Johnson, a good-natured spoof of Greek mythology with cameos from Achilles, Sappho, Daedalus, the Minotaur, and assorted other crowd favorites. Unlike the author’s recent Draculaland, … Continue reading “Spring Thing 2016: The Xylophoniad; Foo Foo”

Spring Thing 2016: Evita Sempai, Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony, and Standoff

The 17 IF games of Spring Thing 2016 are now available! This is a huge crop: historically Spring Thing has tended to have entry numbers in the single digits. I’m delighted to see it, because I think it’s useful having other events that at least somewhat rival IF Comp in size and attention. The trend … Continue reading “Spring Thing 2016: Evita Sempai, Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony, and Standoff”