Conversations We Have In My Head (Squinky)

Conversations We Have In My Head is a very short, real-time dialogue game by Squinky, describing a conversation between a genderqueer protagonist (Quarky) and their ex (Lex). As the player, you’re choosing responses Lex can make to Quarky’s revelations and questions; new options come and go on the screen. This gives the game a smooth, … Continue reading “Conversations We Have In My Head (Squinky)”

Tentacles Growing Everywhere (Squinky)

Tentacles Growing Everywhere is the story of three young tentacled aliens who are just transitioning into their lifeform’s version of puberty. The primary mechanic is one of editing posts: each of the three protagonists keeps a blog, and you’re in the role of helping them write, sometimes deciding what to take out and what to … Continue reading “Tentacles Growing Everywhere (Squinky)”

Mailbag: Finding Inspiration in Non-Obvious Subject Matter

I used to publish questions that people have asked me either by email or on Twitter. That went on a hiatus for a while; to kick it off again, I asked Twitter folks what they’d be most interested in seeing me write about. Here was one of the questions: Where [do] you look for or … Continue reading “Mailbag: Finding Inspiration in Non-Obvious Subject Matter”

Mailbag: Recommendation requests

I’ve glued together two rather different requests for recommendations here, one about queer representation in IF and the other about classic parser-style work from recent years. I’m okay with doing this occasionally, but for what it’s worth, IFDB is better than you might think at letting you answer this kind of question for yourself. You … Continue reading “Mailbag: Recommendation requests”

End of December Link Assortment

January 5 was mentioned in the previous roundup as the next SF/Bay IF meetup but that event has been canceled. January 16 will be the next Boston IF meetup. January 19 is the next London IF meetup, and will consist of two talks (one from me) on conversation-based gameplay. If you’re curious about some of the … Continue reading “End of December Link Assortment”

IF for certain moods, and a couple of IntroComp games

This was originally just going to be a post about IntroComp — I wrote it up a little while ago and scheduled it. But the post as originally written now feels slightly tone-deaf; I’m feeling a bit emotionally drained and stressed by the past week in American politics, and I know a lot of my … Continue reading “IF for certain moods, and a couple of IntroComp games”