Mid-August Link Assortment

Events August 16 is the next meeting of the Seattle Area IF Meetup. August 23-24 is Reality Escape Con, an online, free convention about room escape games, organized by the same people who are behind the Room Escape Artist blog. September 5 is the next meeting of the SF Bay Area IF Meetup. October 3-4 is … Continue reading “Mid-August Link Assortment”

Little Emperor Syndrome (David Thomas Henry Wright)

Little Emperor Syndrome is a hypertext that won an honorable mention, in 2019, from the Electronic Literature Organization’s Robert Coover prize: a piece contemporary with a great deal of Twine work, or with Liza Daly’s beautiful morphing text interfaces, but one that shows more of an affinity with the literary hypertext community of the 90s. … Continue reading “Little Emperor Syndrome (David Thomas Henry Wright)”

The Fellow Who Caught Fire (Mark Bernstein)

At NarraScope last weekend, Mark Bernstein (“Those Trojan Girls”, previous observations on hypertext narrative) was passing out a booklet entitled “The Fellow Who Caught Fire.” On the left-side pages are sections of a story; on the right-side pages, commentary about how stories are presented. Some of the areas for discussion are familiar from non-interactive literature, … Continue reading “The Fellow Who Caught Fire (Mark Bernstein)”

Mid-December Link Assortment

Events December, man. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do not foresee having any time in the second half of December for IF-related events where you have to actually move your body to a new location in order to participate. This space left blank and possibly snowy. Craft Adam Strong-Morse from … Continue reading “Mid-December Link Assortment”

Those Trojan Girls (Mark Bernstein)

Those Trojan Girls is a hypertext novel by Mark Bernstein, written in Storyspace. Storyspace is Bernstein’s project, and the blurb for Those Trojan Girls describes how the tool might add to the possibilities of the medium: Those Trojan Girls is also the first published hypertext to use the new Storyspace 3 facilities for stretchtext and sculptural hypertext … Continue reading “Those Trojan Girls (Mark Bernstein)”

Prospero (Bruno Dias); Writing with Raconteur

Prospero is Bruno Dias’ retelling of “The Masque of the Red Death”, implemented in Undum/Raconteur and published for Sub-Q Magazine. As one might expect of both the author and the venue, Prospero is a typographically attractive piece of work, rendered in white text with red progression links. Links that merely expand the existing text appear … Continue reading “Prospero (Bruno Dias); Writing with Raconteur”