Mailbag: Macro to Micro Ideas

Today’s question, gathered from Twitter a little while back, is this: How do you go from the macro to the micro, i.e. from a big, broad idea for a game to the concrete instantiation of it? A long time ago I wrote Idea to Implementation, a discussion of how to get from implementation to completed … Continue reading “Mailbag: Macro to Micro Ideas”

Conversation as Gameplay (Talk)

[Yesterday I gave a talk at the Oxford/London IF Meetup. The session was about conversation as gameplay, and also featured Flo Minuzzi of Tea-Powered Games, speaking about their released game Dialogue and their upcoming Elemental Flow. There’s a nice livetweeted thread version of my talk available on Twitter thanks to Florence Smith Nicholls, but I … Continue reading “Conversation as Gameplay (Talk)”

Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction (Andrew Glassner)

Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction (Andrew Glassner, 2004). Glassner’s book is rather more effort to read than most of the other guides to interactive story I’ve covered so far: it’s hundreds of pages longer, and in a somewhat more pedantic style. It begins with two long chunks on the nature of story and the nature … Continue reading “Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction (Andrew Glassner)”

Interactive Fiction (ML Ronn)

The full title of this is Interactive Fiction: How to Engage Readers and Push the Boundaries of Storytelling (ML Ronn), and I read it as part of the same research that led me to read Deb Potter’s guide. (Throughout the below, I’ll refer to Ronn as “he” because Ronn mentions using the pen name Michael in places, … Continue reading “Interactive Fiction (ML Ronn)”

IntroComp 2015

IntroComp is a yearly IF competition which invites participants to send in the first part of a game. Judges vote on how much they would be interested in playing the rest of the submitted game, and authors who finish and release their pieces within a year are eligible for a prize based on where they … Continue reading “IntroComp 2015”