Three Kickstartable RPGs

Bluebeard’s Bride is a game about the wife, left at home, exploring the strange house of her monstrous husband, gradually uncovering the secrets of the place. The players portray different aspects of her psyche, pushing her towards different actions and interpretations. When a particular part of her mind becomes too traumatized, it shatters, and that player … Continue reading “Three Kickstartable RPGs”

Tabletop Storygames: Microscope Union

I’ve written before about the storygame Microscope, in which players collaboratively generate the timeline for a fictional place or institution. Microscope Union is a spinoff of that, focusing on the development of a single family tree. You start by naming a person who did something — it should probably be something extraordinary, but you can … Continue reading “Tabletop Storygames: Microscope Union”

The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative (H. Porter Abbott) – Chapters 10-14

The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative is a book I’ve been chewing on now for several months, since it raises a number of issues about how to describe and think about narration but doesn’t (except occasionally and briefly) attempt to apply those terms or concepts to interactive literature. So this series has become less anything resembling a … Continue reading “The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative (H. Porter Abbott) – Chapters 10-14”

End of July Link Assortment

August 15, London IF Meetup hears from James Wallis on tabletop RPGs and storygames. This is a field where some of the most interesting narrative design is happening right now, and Wallis is an expert. As always, the event is free and there are drinks and hanging-out afterward. inkle studios has announced ink jam, a … Continue reading “End of July Link Assortment”

Mid-July Link Assortment

July 15 is the next meeting of the Boston/Cambridge PR-IF. July 21st, 3-5 p.m. at Mad City Coffee in Columbia, the Baltimore/DC group meets to discuss The Wand. July 31st in Canterbury (UK) there is a session on how to build escape rooms for libraries. Gothic Novel Jam is a jam for games or works … Continue reading “Mid-July Link Assortment”

Narrative Design Toolkit (Gamisolution)

The Narrative Design Toolkit (available in both English and Spanish) is a deck of cards intended to help the user think through the creation of a new plot, starting with a twelve-card representation of the Hero’s Journey as the basis for elaboration. As the picture shows, it’s got a simple but stylish design, and includes cards … Continue reading “Narrative Design Toolkit (Gamisolution)”