Writing for Varytale

As mentioned in a previous post, Varytale is a platform for interactive stories. It’s put together by Ian Millington, the same person who created the Undum tool, but Varytale goes quite a bit further. Writing Tools Undum provides a slick front-end and a way to build a few choices and otherwise leaves everything up to … Continue reading “Writing for Varytale”

Varytale Analytics

So Bee has been out for a couple of days now in reader beta, and my analytics page overflows. The Varytale system includes a mechanism by which readers can rate and comment on any individual piece of the story as they go along, giving a one to five star ranking and displaying the average of … Continue reading “Varytale Analytics”

Bee out in Varytale Reader’s Beta

Varytale is a platform for interactive stories that fall somewhere on the spectrum between stateful CYOA (like Choice of Games) and quality-based narrative (like Echo Bazaar). As you can see from the screenshot, the experience is intentionally booklike and lushly textured. Varytale borrows or improves on the attractive qualities of Undum. There are visible stats … Continue reading “Bee out in Varytale Reader’s Beta”

Survey of Storylets-based Design

“Sketching a Map of the Storylets Design Space” is a paper by Max Kreminski prepared for ICIDS 2018, an academic survey of the storylet design space. I wanted to point my blog readers towards it, as it covers a lot of interesting territory in the quality-based narrative/salience-based narrative area (and in fact references my post on … Continue reading “Survey of Storylets-based Design”

An Incomplete List of Things I’d Need to Know In Order Not to Be A Total Impostor

In honor of folks freaked out about how many things they “have to” do to advance their career, I present a very partial list of things I’ve been encouraged or expected to do/know since I got into games. Not shown: which of these were fantastic advice, which were legit job requirements, and which were gatekeeping. … Continue reading “An Incomplete List of Things I’d Need to Know In Order Not to Be A Total Impostor”