IF Discussion Club (Discontinued)

For much of 2014 and part of 2015, a group met once a month onifMUD at 8 PM British / 3 PM Eastern / Noon Pacific to discuss topics in interactive fiction. This group is now closed, but the transcripts remain here for interested parties.

March 21: ParserComp post-discussion. ParserComp games were here.

Feb 21: Tour de Seltani. We’ll start by spending some time together exploring several Ages in Andrew Plotkin’s Seltani server for multiplayer choice-based IF; then retire to ifMUD to discuss further.

Jan 10: Competitions, Anthologies, Shows and Zines. How do formal structures for IF generation and sharing work? What are the goals and unintended consequences? I prepped this one by reaching out to some comp- and anthology-runners in advance of the event and publishing a pre-reading blog post; those interested may also want to read Sam Ashwell’s post about running the ShuffleComp minicomp.

Dec 13: New directions in IF. Bring your ideas, whether they’re very specific or entirely pie-in-the-sky. Want to talk about a particular puzzle concept, mechanic, or game experience you’re trying to write? Something you’d like to play but have never yet seen?

Nov 22: Post-IF Comp debrief. Talk about the comp games, trends, favorites, memorable moments. NB that this is not the second Saturday of the month, in order for this to take place after the comp results are in. Authors will also therefore be welcome to join, comment, and share thoughts about their work. If you want to try the games, they are here.

Oct 11: Replayability. What makes for a satisfyingly replayable IF game? What are we looking for when we replay? What kinds of puzzles, and what kinds of stories, lend themselves well to this use? What kinds of stories actually benefit from replaying? Suggested reading/playing:

Sept 13: Games and Audience. What adjustments do authors need to make for different audiences (for instance — but not limited to — IF novices)? What assumptions are authors making about audiences, perhaps without even realizing it?

July 12 August 9, 2014: Testing. How do we do it? What resources exist behind “get some friends to have a try”? What can be automated? How do the requirements vary for different types of interactive fiction? There are no recommended games for this, exactly; it’ll probably be more about exchanging news from the trenches.

June 14, 2014: Interactive Nonfiction: any interactive work that depicts reality rather than the imaginary, including educational simulations, persuasive games, and personal memoirs. Recommended reading:

May 10, 2014: Structures in Choice-based Games. Recommended reading:

April 5, 2014: Modeling Time in IF. Recommended reading:

March 1, 2014: Interiority in IF. Relevant games included Rameses, The Baron.

16 thoughts on “IF Discussion Club (Discontinued)”

  1. I have kept quiet for some time. I am a filmmaker, and a comic artist: a visual storyteller. My game, FTF, I have a full visual game in mind. The game I failed to do, Dan was disappointed in me. You turned in the pre-Inform7. I had waited for the right conditions to — I didn’t do it. I didn’t finish. You and Dan were disappointed. I never finished. I never did. Never mind.

    I am going to delete all of this, and then start over.

    I am a filmmaker, and a comic artist, and I am an interactive author, and I’m about to write and filmmake and comicate my best work, at exactly the right time, and I don’t know how I cant help my best friends to help me do it and be there at the conferences I’m going to be at, that I’m —– I want my friends to be there, when I do it, and help me. I want you to help me. It’s going to be way weird, and not at all something I’m going to be ready for.

    Sorry, Emily, and Dan, and Boucher, and Gunther,

    I didn’t mean to involve anybody,


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