Montage, Narrative Deckbuilding and Other Effects in StoryNexus

In a previous post, I wrote about design considerations for quality-based narrative systems, and mentioned that there was probably room for a standalone article about frequently-used patterns here. (This article in many ways mirrors one I wrote years ago about scene types in parser IF.) When I write for Fallen London, I find myself using and … Continue reading “Montage, Narrative Deckbuilding and Other Effects in StoryNexus”

Some Articles from Procedural Generation

I mentioned earlier that Procedural Generation in Game Design is available, and that I have a chapter in it. I’ve now had a chance to look at a few of the chapters that I didn’t read previously during the publishing stage, and wanted to highlight a few of these as especially relevant to IF readers. … Continue reading “Some Articles from Procedural Generation”

End of January Link Assortment

Events February 4th, San Francisco, the SF Bay IF Meetup will get together to play the IGF-nominated Event[0]; several other potential games are also on the agenda. February 9th, Nottingham, Hello Words, a new interactive fiction writer’s group, is meeting to talk and play Victor Oujel’s Ariadne in Aeaea. February 16th, Boston, the People’s Republic of IF gathers for … Continue reading “End of January Link Assortment”

Contact and FAQ

You can email me at Please use a meaningful subject line: I delete spam aggressively. I do try to answer email in a timely fashion, so if you get no response after a week or more, feel free to ping to make sure the message got through I tweet, including updates when I post … Continue reading “Contact and FAQ”