Ebb and Flow of the Tide

The Ebb and Flow of the Tide is another entry in what now turns out to be a series of fantasy adaptations by Peter Nepstad. Like Journey of the King, Tide is based on a story by Lord Dunsany, which means that it relies on rich, lyrical, intentionally archaic language. I found Tide considerably more … Continue reading “Ebb and Flow of the Tide”

Journey of the King

Recently I tried Peter Nepstad’s new game, Journey of the King, which was nearly entered in the IF Competition. Like a couple of other games that did get finished in time for the competition, it’s an IF version of a short static story, in this case by Lord Dunsany. In general, I haven’t been completely … Continue reading “Journey of the King”

IF Comp 2006

This year, since I’m not judging the competition, I played to enjoy myself: I avoided games I was certain I would dislike, and I closed some without giving them a fair chance because the style or genre didn’t appeal to me at the moment. I may come back to those later. Scores are just what … Continue reading “IF Comp 2006”

Comp 2003 Reviews

This year, I didn’t have as much time as I do some years, so even though there were fewer games, I didn’t play all of them. I got to most of the ones that run well on my platform, but not even all of those. This is life. Because I thought it was an interesting … Continue reading “Comp 2003 Reviews”

Comp 2002 Reviews

I have to make a couple of observations about this year’s crop. One, there were fewer games, and two, there were fewer games that were really foully buggy. These two facts suggest to me (ever the optimist, I) that people are catching on to the fact that it’s just really not worth submitting a completely … Continue reading “Comp 2002 Reviews”