Lonely Men Club (Mike Kleine)

Lonely Men Club is a book by Mike Kleine (@thefancymike), running to exactly 100,000 words and constructed in a five day period via procedural generation. In that respect, it belongs to the same conceptual category as NaNoGenMo projects, or text-focused works from ProcJAM, or Annals of the Parrigues. He references Cortazar’s Hopscotch and Nick Montfort’s World … Continue reading “Lonely Men Club (Mike Kleine)”

Mid-June Link Assortment

Events June 15 in London (tonight) I am speaking at Strange Tales to introduce interactive fiction to the group there. June 20, the London IF Meetup is gathering at the Eaton Square Bar to play In Case of Emergency, a mystery storytelling game assembled and run by A Door in a Wall. Atypically for our events, there is a … Continue reading “Mid-June Link Assortment”

Voyageur: Impressions

First, a massive disclaimer: Voyageur’s author Bruno Dias is a friend. Also, I often do work for Failbetter, which provided support for Voyageur via Fundbetter. In addition, Voyageur uses procedural text generation features that draw on things I did for Annals of the Parrigues, and I had a number of conversations with Bruno about the game while it … Continue reading “Voyageur: Impressions”


Below is a very partial list of the projects I’ve worked on. I’ve also done substantial white-label work and prototyping/R&D work on projects that have not been announced. RPG and Browser-based MMO I’ve written for a number of years for Failbetter Games’ RPGs and browser-based MMO, set in the universe of Fallen London, where my … Continue reading “Games”

End of October Link Assortment

November 5, the SF Bay Area IF group has its meetup. IF Comp voting wraps up November 15. November 16, Boston/Cambridge: the next meeting of the People’s Republic of IF. I’ve been talking this up for a while, but the weekend of November 19/20 is a double treat for IF and word game enthusiasts in … Continue reading “End of October Link Assortment”