I’ve helped build a number of tools for interactive fiction and other forms of procedural storytelling. The ones in which I have been most extensively involved: Inform 7 has for over a decade been a favorite tool of authors creating parser-based textual IF. I collaborated on the design and feature set of the language, wrote … Continue reading “Tools”

Mid-August Link Assortment

Events The IEEE Conference on Games (CoG) will be August 20-23 in London. I am keynoting. The Foundations of Digital Games Conference (FDG) is happening August 26-30 in San Luis Obispo. September 1 there is a Character Engine workshop run through the London IF Meetup. The 20th annual European GAME-ON® Conference on Simulation and AI in Computer Games is September 18-20 … Continue reading “Mid-August Link Assortment”

Mailbag: Knowledge-driven Dialogue in Inform

I am doing my first steps in Interactive Fiction and your work has helped me a lot. I have been working on an idea, that requires dialogue based on “knowledge”, in other words, the character and the NPCs will initiate dialogue in order to fill out their gaps in knowing the other person. Firstly, I … Continue reading “Mailbag: Knowledge-driven Dialogue in Inform”