Preview of the IF Demo Fair

The IF Demo Fair will be held from 8:00 to 10:00 PM on Saturday, March 12, in the Alcott conference room at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel adjacent to PAX East 2011 (map). No PAX badge is required to attend. This is an IF community event sponsored by the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction. We … Continue reading “Preview of the IF Demo Fair”

Demo Fair intents deadline

Just a reminder: if you want to enter the IF demo fair but haven’t told me so yet, now is your chance. Intents close tomorrow night, the 18th of February. We’ve got an excellent line-up so far, with a mix of new and veteran IF authors and some participants from outside the standard community; I … Continue reading “Demo Fair intents deadline”

Announce: IF Demo Fair

Do you have a vision of the (or a) future of interactive fiction that you would like to share with interested players, authors, implementers and theorists? The IF Demo Fair will be running during PAX East (Boston, March 11-13), showcasing new and interesting demonstrations in the IF world. These don’t need to be polished, complete … Continue reading “Announce: IF Demo Fair”

Proposed: IF Demo Fair

One suggestion that we’ve been kicking around on the mud for PAX East is a sort of minicomp/show, as follows: Authors have the opportunity to work on tech demonstrations during February, focusing on one of several themes. These would not have to be full games — a single scene or mockup would suffice, as long … Continue reading “Proposed: IF Demo Fair”

Dialogue: A Writer’s Story Demo (Tea Powered Games)

Dialogue: A Writer’s Story is the tale of Lucille, a woman who is stuck on a novel, and who goes to her friends and relatives to find inspiration and work past her difficulties. The full game is not yet available, but a demo is free to download. My remarks here are therefore necessarily based just … Continue reading “Dialogue: A Writer’s Story Demo (Tea Powered Games)”