End of August Link Assortment

Events September 1 is the deadline if you want to submit an intent to enter IF Comp 2019. (That’s tomorrow!) PAX West in Seattle features a panel September 2 about building an interactive fiction portfolio and becoming a paid IF author. September 7 is the next meeting of the SF Bay area IF Meetup. September … Continue reading “End of August Link Assortment”

S. (J. J. Abrams, Doug Dorst)

S is a puzzle-novel with feelies, imagined by J. J. Abrams and written by Doug Dorst. The premise is that there’s a novel, The Ship of Theseus, written by the mysterious VM Straka and edited by his devoted editor FX Caldeira. This novel is the object of considerable academic debate and political struggle. There’s also an … Continue reading “S. (J. J. Abrams, Doug Dorst)”

IF Comp Roundup

IF Comp is now over for the year! Here are a few recommendations for different audiences, depending on what you’re looking for.   If you want serious story: Bogeyman (hypertext) is a story of children who have been taken away by the eponymous character as punishment for behaving badly. It’s a little simplistic to describe … Continue reading “IF Comp Roundup”

Not Exactly Mailbag: Worldbuilding from a Mechanic

Twice this year I’ve spoken about matching story and mechanics — once for the Oxford/London IF Meetup, and once as a keynote talk at the Malta Global Game Jam. Both times, I mentioned the idea of using mechanics as the basis of world-building. I’ve done this both with the letter-changing powers of Counterfeit Monkey and … Continue reading “Not Exactly Mailbag: Worldbuilding from a Mechanic”

Mid-February Link Assortment

February 17, the London IF Meetup is doing a Saturday afternoon workshop on using ink and Unity together. This is one of the best methods for creating professional-looking standalone IF applications, and we’ll help you get started with the tools you need. February 21 is the next meetup of the People’s Republic of IF, in … Continue reading “Mid-February Link Assortment”