Choices: And the Sun Went Out (Tin Man Games)

Tin Man Games has an app called Choices — rather confusingly, since there is another well-known mobile IF platform called Choices that I wrote about recently. Tin Man’s Choices app contains two episodic stories: And the Sun Went Out and And Their Souls Were Eaten. [As always, I should frame the rest of this by saying that I have done … Continue reading “Choices: And the Sun Went Out (Tin Man Games)”

Mid-October Link Assortment

Events Today, October 15, there is a Los Angeles area IF Meetup adjacent to Indiecade. Tomorrow, October 16 the Oxford/London IF Meetup is getting together to play a bunch of newly released IF Comp games. There will be readers; there will be snacks; there will be a lot of games. October 19, Boston/Cambridge, there is a People’s Republic of … Continue reading “Mid-October Link Assortment”

Mid-September Link Assortment

Events (some of which I mentioned last time, but are still in the future): September 28, Boston area, PR-IF is holding its next meetup. September 28 is also the deadline to submit games to be shown at WordPlay London, a November event centered on interactive text and held at the British Library. You may submit … Continue reading “Mid-September Link Assortment”

Mid May Link Assortment

Based on feedback, I’m experimenting with a twice a month approach to link roundups. I’m hoping this will mean each individual post will be less overwhelmingly long, and time-sensitive things will be fresher. Events This is only semi-IF-related, but there’s an event in San Francisco for enthusiasts of roguelikes, 6:30 PM, May 17. The talks … Continue reading “Mid May Link Assortment”

Chatbots as Narrative Platform

Recently I’ve been running into a fair amount of news/discussion about “conversation as a platform” and “bots as the new apps” — specifically, that people spend so much time texting that chatbots are a viable way to do advertising and storytelling and personal assistant functions all at once. This means taking in natural language input … Continue reading “Chatbots as Narrative Platform”