Mid-May Link Assortment

Events May 16 is the next Seattle Area IF Meetup. May 17 is the next Boston Area IF Meetup. May 23 is a workshop-style meeting of the London/Oxford IF Meetup. The group will be offering feedback on open design problems (some tips and guidelines are included in the event description). You’re welcome whether or not you’ve got an open … Continue reading “Mid-May Link Assortment”

End of April Link Assortment

Events May 1 will be the beginning of the fourth annual Rayuela de Arena interactive fiction jam. Submissions will be open until May 30. May 1 is also the opening of ParserComp 2021. Submissions can be sent in until June 30. May 1 is also the next SF Bay Area Meetup. May 7 is the Spring Thing voting deadline, when you … Continue reading “End of April Link Assortment”

Mid-April Link Assortment

Events April 17-18 will be the Flights of Foundry conference (online, so attendees can join from anywhere). The conference covers a wide range of topics, but has a number of interactive fiction/narrative related talks as well. April 18 is the next virtual meetup of the Seattle/Tacoma IF group. April 23 at 11 AM PT, I will be speaking at LudoNarraCon, … Continue reading “Mid-April Link Assortment”

End of March Link Assortment

Events April 1 is the opening of registration for ParserComp 2021. If you’d like to build a new parser-style IF game using tools such as Inform, TADS, ALAN, Dialog, or your own system, this is a great place to do that. I will also be speaking April 1 at the invitation of Northeastern University, about game … Continue reading “End of March Link Assortment”

Survey of Storylets-based Design

“Sketching a Map of the Storylets Design Space” is a paper by Max Kreminski prepared for ICIDS 2018, an academic survey of the storylet design space. I wanted to point my blog readers towards it, as it covers a lot of interesting territory in the quality-based narrative/salience-based narrative area (and in fact references my post on … Continue reading “Survey of Storylets-based Design”

End of November Link Assortment

December 1 is the next SF Bay IF Meetup. December 2 will be the next Seattle area IF Meetup, at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. December 5 is the next date for the upcoming Boston IF Meetup, discussing IFComp winner Alias: The Magpie. December 5-8 in Dublin is the next ICIDS, an academic conference on interactive digital … Continue reading “End of November Link Assortment”