My Articles

I’ve written various articles on the craft of interactive fiction, which you may or may not find useful. Many are pages on this site; others are blog posts that got a lot of response, or else articles submitted to other sites, which I list here for reference: Tightening the World-Plot Interface: or, Why I Am … Continue reading “My Articles”

Getting Started

This was originally a post in response to the question “where do you get ideas for IF?” I take a notebook with me most of the time and use it for working up ideas. Usually it also contains some non-IF notes as well (academic work, other projects, what I need to buy for dinner, … Continue reading “Getting Started”

Writing IF

Choosing a Tool One of the first decisions you’ll need to make before you do serious work on your own piece of interactive fiction is what tools you will use to create it. While you could create IF in a general purpose programming language, most people choose to use a language or design system specially … Continue reading “Writing IF”

Mailbag: Development Process for Storylet-based Interactive Fiction

I’ve been a fan of your site and writing since 2009. Two of your older articles have been nagging at me recently — the one about writing prose for IF, and the other about your drafting process (with examples from Metamorphoses and Bronze, respectively). I have been wondering how they would look updated for writing … Continue reading “Mailbag: Development Process for Storylet-based Interactive Fiction”

Casual Games and Storylets: Or, How to Make Game Mechanics Express Choice

In a recent post about storylet-based narrative design, I briefly suggested that even games like Lily’s Garden could be understood as a case of storylet-based design: there’s just a level of casual gameplay between elements of story. A very simple implementation looks like this, interspersing every level with a little bit of story wrapper. This … Continue reading “Casual Games and Storylets: Or, How to Make Game Mechanics Express Choice”