Mailbag: Deep Conversation

This one was a follow-up question to the asker wondering whether Blood & Laurels was still available anywhere. (It isn’t.) If there are any other games (IF or otherwise) that you’d recommend for deeper conversational experiences, I’d love to hear about those… I have a rather broad set of interests there, so anything you find especially … Continue reading “Mailbag: Deep Conversation”

Ways to Support Interactive Fiction Tools and Creators

I get a fair amount of email from people who are working at commercial game studios or other for-profit industrial contexts who want to chat about interactive narrative — the tooling, the markets, where to hire authors, what they should think about if they’re setting up a particular project, editorial standards and practices, et al. … Continue reading “Ways to Support Interactive Fiction Tools and Creators”

Mailbag: Writing Commercial IF for Mobile Devices

Dear Emily, I am a professional writer–22 years plus of making my living from my pen–who is just now sticking my toes into the world of IF… I recently had a chance to revisit the world of IF in drawing up a planned project for a grant proposal. It’s been many years since I’ve played in … Continue reading “Mailbag: Writing Commercial IF for Mobile Devices”

End of October Link Assortment

Upcoming Events. November 4, the SF Bay Area Meetup gets together to look at a few IF Comp games and possibly the start of Bob Bates’ Thaumistry as well. Also November 4, the Baltimore/DC IF Meetup discusses the Comp game Alice Aforethought. November 9, Hello Words meets in Nottingham to write IF. PROCJAM, the procedural … Continue reading “End of October Link Assortment”

Two Releases

Two slightly unusual new pieces in the IF/conversational game space are out today: Don’t Make Love (Windows) is a natural-language-driven conversation between a praying mantis couple, trying to decide whether they should get together: Assume the role of a praying mantis in a relationship. Constantly torn between their mutual love and the instinct to have sex … Continue reading “Two Releases”

Paid Work in Interactive Fiction

July 19th’s meetup of the Oxford/London IF Meetup covered paid work in interactive fiction, at many different levels. I promised to round up links to the major items announced (by me or by other people), and here is that roundup: Announced in the room: Christophe Rhodes invited applicants to the IGGI PhD program at Goldsmiths: … Continue reading “Paid Work in Interactive Fiction”