Mailbag: Statefulness without a Parser

Hi Emily, I appreciate the content you create to further the IF community. I’m curious what games or platforms stand out to solve some of the issues you listed in your parser article 9 [years] ago. I’d like to create a text heavy game with detailed world state and want to research the projects that … Continue reading “Mailbag: Statefulness without a Parser”

Mailbag: Moments of Non-Choice

This is a slightly unusual mailbag post because the question was asked in chat context, but it turned out to be something where I felt a number of other people would be interested in the answer, so I’ve paraphrased and expanded what I said there. I have a story point where the protagonist has to … Continue reading “Mailbag: Moments of Non-Choice”

Mailbag: IF and game writers

As you studied IF for a long time, would you think IF writers are videogame professional writers, or those are 2 separated groups of people ? And would you be able to estimate the number of IF writers ?  [I’ve edited out a number of side points, but the longer letter also made clear that … Continue reading “Mailbag: IF and game writers”

Mailbag: IF for Reinforcement Learning

Hi Emily I’m a PhD student working with Prof. Mark Riedl at Georgia Tech and Microsoft Research Redmond. I am currently working on making AI agents (specifically using reinforcement learning) that play interactive fiction games (text-adventure games in the vein of Zork) in a non-game specific, generalizable way. I was advised by Prof. Janet Murray … Continue reading “Mailbag: IF for Reinforcement Learning”

Mailbag: Pedagogical Uses of IF in the Classroom

Pardon, may I ask for some suggestions of resources (articles, short essays) about Interactive Fiction in classrooms? Thank you very much. And then when I asked whether they were looking for IF taught as the subject or as a means to learning other things: Surely I’m interested in IF used as a pedagogical tool, as … Continue reading “Mailbag: Pedagogical Uses of IF in the Classroom”

Mailbag: Recommendation requests

I’ve glued together two rather different requests for recommendations here, one about queer representation in IF and the other about classic parser-style work from recent years. I’m okay with doing this occasionally, but for what it’s worth, IFDB is better than you might think at letting you answer this kind of question for yourself. You … Continue reading “Mailbag: Recommendation requests”