Mid-August Link Assortment

Events The People’s Republic of IF, the Cambridge MA-based IF group, meets August 31 at 6:30 PM online. September 1 is the deadline to register as an author for IF Comp, and the games themselves will be due September 28. This year, unusually, there is a move so that authors participating in the competition may … Continue reading “Mid-August Link Assortment”

Mailbag: IF and game writers

As you studied IF for a long time, would you think IF writers are videogame professional writers, or those are 2 separated groups of people ? And would you be able to estimate the number of IF writers ?  [I’ve edited out a number of side points, but the longer letter also made clear that … Continue reading “Mailbag: IF and game writers”

Mid-June Link Assortment

Events The Narrascope games conference is currently taking place in Boston, MA, June 14-16.  Both Graham Nelson and I are there and speaking; I’m on a panel about Bandersnatch, and Graham is updating people on the current status of Inform. NarraScope is also the Boston IF Meetup for the month of June. ICCC 2019 takes place on … Continue reading “Mid-June Link Assortment”

The Mermaid’s Tears (BBC R&D)

The Mermaid’s Tears is a short radio play (really, just a few minutes long) that allows the listener to switch audio positions and hear the story from any of three perspectives: as Dee or Bill, police officers, or as Lesley, the mother of a sick child. Dee and Bill have questions about how the child … Continue reading “The Mermaid’s Tears (BBC R&D)”

Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction (Andrew Glassner)

Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction (Andrew Glassner, 2004). Glassner’s book is rather more effort to read than most of the other guides to interactive story I’ve covered so far: it’s hundreds of pages longer, and in a somewhat more pedantic style. It begins with two long chunks on the nature of story and the nature … Continue reading “Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction (Andrew Glassner)”