feelies.org and other odd recollections

Tonight (June 20), the London IF meetup is going to play In Case of Emergency, a game delivered mostly through the format of physical props. The prospect of this has me thinking again about narrative told through objects, a topic I sometimes come back to here: everything from the work of the Mysterious Package Company … Continue reading “feelies.org and other odd recollections”

Spring Thing 2017: A Fly on the Wall, or An Appositional Eye

There are two A Fly on the Wall games in Spring Thing: this is the one in the Back Garden, written by Nigel Jayne, and apparently riffing on an original from ECTOCOMP 2014. So you might say there are also two A Fly on the Wall games by Nigel Jayne, this current one and the … Continue reading “Spring Thing 2017: A Fly on the Wall, or An Appositional Eye”

End of March Link Assortment

Events and deadlines: The Queerness and Games conference is this weekend, March 31st-April 2nd, at the University of Southern California. Games in the curated arcade include Astrid Dalmady’s Cactus Blue Motel and Dietrich “Squinky” Squinkifer’s Dominique Pamplemousse & Dominique Pamplemousse in: “Combinatorial Explosion!” You can register here. San Francisco’s IF Meetup will be held on April … Continue reading “End of March Link Assortment”

Interactive Digital Narrative: History

Interactive Digital Narrative: History, Theory, and Practice is an academic publication from Routledge that retails for £90/$123 on Amazon, which is why even though it is completely relevant to me and my work, it took me a little while to get around to buying it. I would guess that most people who write IF as … Continue reading “Interactive Digital Narrative: History”

Minkette on Escape Room design; Secret Studio

This post is a two-parter. Recently I went to Secret Studio, my third experience with room escapes; and Minkette, one of the creators of Oubliette, came to the Oxford/London IF Meetup to talk about the design and creation process. I’d asked Minkette to come talk about the kind of storytelling she does: often location-based, often using … Continue reading “Minkette on Escape Room design; Secret Studio”

Enter the Oubliette Room Escape

Sunday a group from the London IF Meetup got together to tackle the Enter the Oubliette escape room. This was my first contact with escape rooms, though I’ve heard about a number from friends who’ve either played or worked on creating them. (If you’re in Seattle, here’s Sam Ashwell on the work of Puzzle Break. In … Continue reading “Enter the Oubliette Room Escape”