Bee Republished

Bee is a choice-based story I wrote some years ago about being a homeschooled student trying (but failing) to win the national spelling bee. Initially released for Varytale in 2012, Bee went off-line for a time when the platform shut down. Varytale’s programmer, Ian Millington, then partially re-created Bee for Dendry, a non-commercial platform with similar technical … Continue reading “Bee Republished”

What does your narrative system need to do?

This is a question that comes up very frequently in the narrative design conversations. This post is a tour of some possible answers. Select or Generate Content Content selection systems choose what piece of content to show the player next. They often function on the level of scenes or individual lines or barks in a … Continue reading “What does your narrative system need to do?”

Mid-September Link Assortment

Events September 18-19, Emperatriz Ung is running a session for the Asian-American Writers’ Workshop called Prototyping Memory, A Game Design Approach To Nonfiction, about using Inform and IF techniques to reimagine setting, perspective, and structure. The Oxford/London IF Meetup is currently running a jam for pieces written for Seltani, Andrew Plotkin’s multiplayer hypertext platform. We’ll … Continue reading “Mid-September Link Assortment”

Mid-August Link Assortment

Events The People’s Republic of IF, the Cambridge MA-based IF group, meets August 31 at 6:30 PM online. September 1 is the deadline to register as an author for IF Comp, and the games themselves will be due September 28. This year, unusually, there is a move so that authors participating in the competition may … Continue reading “Mid-August Link Assortment”

End of September Link Assortment

Events October 3 is the next meeting of the SF/Bay Area IF Meetup. October 3-4 is Roguelike Celebration 2020. This year it will be online-only. More specifics about the event can be found here. October 11 is the next virtual meeting of the Seattle Area IF Meetup. The special event will focus on IFComp 2020, and several authors will present … Continue reading “End of September Link Assortment”

Mailbag: Development Process for Storylet-based Interactive Fiction

I’ve been a fan of your site and writing since 2009. Two of your older articles have been nagging at me recently — the one about writing prose for IF, and the other about your drafting process (with examples from Metamorphoses and Bronze, respectively). I have been wondering how they would look updated for writing … Continue reading “Mailbag: Development Process for Storylet-based Interactive Fiction”