I’ve helped build a number of tools for interactive fiction and other forms of procedural storytelling. The ones in which I have been most extensively involved: Inform 7 has for over a decade been a favorite tool of authors creating parser-based textual IF. I collaborated on the design and feature set of the language, wrote … Continue reading “Tools”

Survey of Storylets-based Design

“Sketching a Map of the Storylets Design Space” is a paper by Max Kreminski prepared for ICIDS 2018, an academic survey of the storylet design space. I wanted to point my blog readers towards it, as it covers a lot of interesting territory in the quality-based narrative/salience-based narrative area (and in fact references my post on … Continue reading “Survey of Storylets-based Design”

An Incomplete List of Things I’d Need to Know In Order Not to Be A Total Impostor

In honor of folks freaked out about how many things they “have to” do to advance their career, I present a very partial list of things I’ve been encouraged or expected to do/know since I got into games. Not shown: which of these were fantastic advice, which were legit job requirements, and which were gatekeeping. … Continue reading “An Incomplete List of Things I’d Need to Know In Order Not to Be A Total Impostor”

Montage, Narrative Deckbuilding and Other Effects in StoryNexus

In a previous post, I wrote about design considerations for quality-based narrative systems, and mentioned that there was probably room for a standalone article about frequently-used patterns here. (This article in many ways mirrors one I wrote years ago about scene types in parser IF.) When I write for Fallen London, I find myself using and … Continue reading “Montage, Narrative Deckbuilding and Other Effects in StoryNexus”

Twine Gardening

I haven’t published much in Twine on IFDB, but I actually use it a great deal: it’s become a prototyping tool of first resort for a wide range of professional projects, the format in which I deliver content to be converted into some other final presentation. A not-trivial amount of pro-level game story prototyping happens in … Continue reading “Twine Gardening”