NB: This is a version of an old article I wrote on conversation in interactive fiction. While much of it is still applicable, I have written numerous other posts on the topic since, which expand on the overview provided here and suggest some more particulars about implementation. Conversation is one of the most challenging things … Continue reading “Conversation”

Action and Interaction

This is a somewhat opinionated piece that I originally put together to clarify my own thinking on a couple of things; the opinions expressed should probably be toned down. Nonetheless… I’ve come to think that one of the jobs of a work of IF is to teach its player — constantly, in every kind of … Continue reading “Action and Interaction”

IF Comp 2006

This year, since I’m not judging the competition, I played to enjoy myself: I avoided games I was certain I would dislike, and I closed some without giving them a fair chance because the style or genre didn’t appeal to me at the moment. I may come back to those later. Scores are just what … Continue reading “IF Comp 2006”

Comp 2003 Reviews

This year, I didn’t have as much time as I do some years, so even though there were fewer games, I didn’t play all of them. I got to most of the ones that run well on my platform, but not even all of those. This is life. Because I thought it was an interesting … Continue reading “Comp 2003 Reviews”