March Link Assortment

Now Play This is almost upon us, at Somerset House: April 1-3, a display of many intriguing and unusual games, plus microtalks and various other goodies. Birdland will be on display, as well as new work from S. Woodson, and Matthew Moore’s tabletop game Bring Your Own Book. (BYOB is in pre-order now, incidentally, and it may … Continue reading “March Link Assortment”

November Link Assortment

Upcoming events: Boston, Dec 2: Purple Blurb at which Christian Bok will read from The Xenotext. Copenhagen, Dec 2-4: ICIDS conference meets, with keynotes by Chris Crawford and Paul Mulholland. This is an academic conference in digital storytelling that in the past has looked at procedural narrative, character modeling, authoring tools, augmented reality experiences, interactive … Continue reading “November Link Assortment”