Pacing Storylet Structures

In my recent writing about storylet narrative design, I’ve talked about storylets and why they are cool how storylet systems work together how storylet systems can play nicely with gameplay, using casual games specifically as a lens I’ve also, at other times, written about how I design for pacing in Twine games and parser IF … Continue reading “Pacing Storylet Structures”

End of December Link Assortment

Events January 4 is the next gathering of the SF Bay Interactive Fiction Meetup. January 11 is Visual;Conference, an all-online presentation of talks about visual novels and related topics in narrative and choice design. Also January 11, the Baltimore/DC IF meetup is getting together to talk about AI Dungeon 2. January 21 is the next … Continue reading “End of December Link Assortment”

Storytelling in Video Games: The Art of Digital Narrative (Amy Green)

Starting in mid-2017, I’ve used the first Tuesday of the month for reviews of books about game writing, and occasional books about other writing in general. As of now, I’ve gone through about two dozen — including everything from self-published Kindle ebooks about interactive fiction to acclaimed classics of screenwriting advice — and that doesn’t count … Continue reading “Storytelling in Video Games: The Art of Digital Narrative (Amy Green)”

Mailbag: Self-Training in Narrative Design

Big fan here—of your IF pieces and also of the way you’ve spread interactive fiction outside the IF community. I’m emailing to ask if you have any advice on IF education and bringing it to new platforms/media.  [Some personally identifying information about the writer’s educational background redacted.] As I move forward with securing workshop/speaking/consulting gigs, … Continue reading “Mailbag: Self-Training in Narrative Design”