SPAG 60, with Demo Fair Goodness

SPAG #60 is now available, and it brings with it the promised write-up of the IF Demo Fair from PAX East: entry names and descriptions, links to the entries and/or the authors’ websites where appropriate, and commentary from people who were there. Many thanks to the Demo Fair audience members who helped me assemble comments … Continue reading “SPAG 60, with Demo Fair Goodness”

A tangent about marketing

This is a spin-off from the post about Jon Blow’s remarks on the IF parser, but it goes in a different direction, so I wanted to take it back to the front page. I’ve been having a comment exchange with a commenter named Veridical Driver, who suggested a number of possible improvements to the IF … Continue reading “A tangent about marketing”

Demo Fair intents deadline

Just a reminder: if you want to enter the IF demo fair but haven’t told me so yet, now is your chance. Intents close tomorrow night, the 18th of February. We’ve got an excellent line-up so far, with a mix of new and veteran IF authors and some participants from outside the standard community; I … Continue reading “Demo Fair intents deadline”