Mid May Link Assortment

Based on feedback, I’m experimenting with a twice a month approach to link roundups. I’m hoping this will mean each individual post will be less overwhelmingly long, and time-sensitive things will be fresher. Events This is only semi-IF-related, but there’s an event in San Francisco for enthusiasts of roguelikes, 6:30 PM, May 17. The talks … Continue reading “Mid May Link Assortment”

Spring Thing 2016: Ms. Lojka, Tangaroa Deep, Sisters of Claro Largo

I’ve been playing more of the games from this year’s Spring Thing. (You too can play! And vote! And review, if you wish!) Ms. Lojka is a horror Twine about a beastly supernatural killer in New York City, with some references to Babel and Rasputin, backed by some (I thought) rather effective illustrations, as well as … Continue reading “Spring Thing 2016: Ms. Lojka, Tangaroa Deep, Sisters of Claro Largo”

Chatbots as Narrative Platform

Recently I’ve been running into a fair amount of news/discussion about “conversation as a platform” and “bots as the new apps” — specifically, that people spend so much time texting that chatbots are a viable way to do advertising and storytelling and personal assistant functions all at once. This means taking in natural language input … Continue reading “Chatbots as Narrative Platform”

Brief Bibliography about IF History

Recently someone contacted me asking to link an article explaining the difference between “old” and “new” IF. I don’t know of any such article that’s remotely up to date. Besides, this is not as easy to answer as they might have hoped, even if you agree on what we’re counting as “old” for these purposes. But … Continue reading “Brief Bibliography about IF History”

Readerly Experiments in Narrative Form

Sometimes people write to me asking for suggested lists of interactive fiction that fit particular criteria. When that happens, I like to publish the results to my blog rather than just answer by email — both in order to establish a resource for other people in the future, and in case commenters here have additional thoughts … Continue reading “Readerly Experiments in Narrative Form”

February Link Assortment

Upcoming events: We’ve got a range of things happening in the Oxford/London Meetup: there’s a talk in Oxford on Iain Pears’ Arcadia, including me as a panelist, March 2, as well as meets in Oxford April 3, and in London April 19. * Spring Thing is happening again this year, and you still have until … Continue reading “February Link Assortment”