Below is a very partial list of the projects I’ve worked on. I’ve also done substantial white-label work and prototyping/R&D work on projects that have not been announced. RPG and Browser-based MMO I’ve written for a number of years for Failbetter Games’ RPGs and browser-based MMO, set in the universe of Fallen London, where my … Continue reading “Games”

Writing Interactive Fiction With Twine (Melissa Ford)

A curious and fascinating thing about Melissa Ford’s Writing Interactive Fiction with Twine is how it combines hypertext craft advice and Twine syntax tutorials with design expectations largely derived from parser-based interactive fiction. This is a 400 page book about Twine fiction whose index lists Anna Anthropy once (in a passage discussing how she did geographical description in one of her games) and Porpentine never … Continue reading “Writing Interactive Fiction With Twine (Melissa Ford)”

Tightening the World-Plot Interface: or, Why I Am Obsessed With Conversation Models

Framed is an interactive comic game in which you move around the panels of the story, reordering events in order to change what happens in the story. It looks really attractive, too. When I first heard of this game, I was hugely excited about it. There aren’t that many entries in the interactive comic space, … Continue reading “Tightening the World-Plot Interface: or, Why I Am Obsessed With Conversation Models”

Alfe Clemencio on interactive narrative in Don’t Save The World

Alfe Clemencio of Sakura River Interactive is the author of highly branching visual novels in Ren’Py. His previous work Fading Hearts features a wide range of possible player paths and outcomes; now he is working on an ambitious RPG project called Don’t Save the World. His Indiegogo page describes Don’t Save the World thus: Don’t … Continue reading “Alfe Clemencio on interactive narrative in Don’t Save The World”