Choice-based Narrative Tools: inklewriter

A little while back I did an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun which included, among other things, a question about what I thought of inklewriter, the branching narrative tool from inkle studios. That interview was published in a funky CYOA format, which was cool, but it means that it’s hard for me to point people … Continue reading “Choice-based Narrative Tools: inklewriter”

Phrontisterion, and some more thoughts about tools and the art

A couple of weekends ago I went to Phrontisterion 7, a living-room-sized conference on interactive storytelling run by Chris Crawford at his home in Oregon. Participant comments from that are now available. For context for people who weren’t there: it was a really wide-ranging discussion about what projects currently exist in interactive storytelling and how/how … Continue reading “Phrontisterion, and some more thoughts about tools and the art”

IF Comp 2011: The Play

It’s comp time, so I’m going to short summaries in my RSS feed in order to avoid dumping spoilers into the aggregators. And, as usual, I will be skipping games that have no evidence of beta-testing. “The Play” is an Undum piece by Deirdra Kiai (Life Flashes By, Pigeons in the Park). “The Play” concerns … Continue reading “IF Comp 2011: The Play”


Screen layout. Late-80s commercial IF and recent commercial and amateur IF all featured an explosion of different screen layout experiments. This Pinterest board covers a number of different user interface experiments in IF, including multimedia resources, while posts I’ve written specifically about interfaces appear here. Real-time input. Events continue without pauses for turns; the player’s … Continue reading “Interface”