Commercial Portfolio

The following is not a complete list of my commercial projects, as I also do white-label projects. There are also several unannounced/unreleased projects in which I have been involved. I do not have any availability to take on new clients at this time, however.

Sunless Skies from Failbetter Games. I contributed port content for Carillon and Sky Barnet, as well as the officer storyline of the Repentant Devil.


Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a forthcoming game from Dim Bulb Games that describes itself as a “bleak American folktale.” The game explores many experiences of America, and many voices — so Dim Bulb brought on different game writers to research and create dialogue for each of the major characters. I’m honored to have been one of them.

Sunless Sea and Sunless Sea Zubmariner DLC. I wrote three islands each for the core game and the DLC release. It takes considerable play time to get to the relevant sections of the game, but here you can see some of the content played on YouTube:



Anthe (ca. 10:51 in this video):

Fallen London is a browser-based, text-rich game for which I have written a number of acclaimed stories set in that game’s universe, including Secrets Framed in Gold, The Frequently Deceased, and The Empress’ Shadow. As with Sunless Sea, it would take considerable play time to gain access to my contributions, but a community response thread about The Frequently Deceased can be found here and reactions to The Empress’ Shadow here.


Ultimate Quest was a limited-time game commissioned by AKQA to publicize an NVIDIA launch. This project required rapidly developing a substantial, multi-part game to client requirements, communicating with an artist and other stakeholders, and running the game’s Twitter-based hints account while the game was live. Screenshots and background information can be found here.


It’s the eight hundred and twenty first year of the city of Rome, a year of bad omens and unrest. The Emperor is bloodthirsty and watches keenly for anyone who might be trying to overthrow him. The grain dole is running out and the people are going hungry. Romans are beginning to put their faith in foreign cults, as their old gods seem indifferent.

In this dangerous environment, Marcus is concerned with two things: his poetry, and keeping his patron Artus happy. But when Artus sends him to ask a secret question of an oracle, Marcus is forced to get involved, with conspiracies, politics, and a woman he is trying to forget.

Blood & Laurels was a story of conspiracy and deceit, playable on the iPad. I wrote it with the Versu engine, developed with Richard Evans, and funded by Linden Lab, where I was creative director of the Versu project. Versu provided dynamic character behavior and dialogue.

Platinum Package is a work in development for Choice of Games.