IF Meetup Recording

Every time I post a new event for the Oxford/London IF Meetup, I get at least one, and often several, requests for a video recording or stream of the event.

We don’t do this, for the simple reason that I don’t have a sensible way to do it. I don’t own the right equipment, and I don’t have time to train myself to use it. I’ve asked our membership if anyone wanted to volunteer to do the recording; no one did. The price of having events recorded by a professional would add hundreds of pounds a month to our costs. (And not all speakers want to be recorded, though of course some would be fine with it.)

If you want to volunteer to sponsor this aspect of the Meetup, either by performing the recording yourself, or by paying for the recording process and handling any associated logistics, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Barring those solutions: I sympathize with the fact that most people cannot travel to London to attend, and I’m sorry about the geographical unfairness of this, but I don’t have more resources to contribute to this cause myself.

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