I speak fairly frequently about interactive fiction and text-based games, what makes for good interactive story, narrative design, character AI, toolsets for writing games, and specific past projects.

In addition to the public and academic talks listed here, I also sometimes give bespoke presentations to game studios and other organisations about narrative design and tech. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss my speaking to your organisation.


Presentation at the VOLUPTAS summer school, June 21, 2021.

Ludonarracon panel, April 2021.

AI Summit advising for GDC 2021.


MC of the Oxford-London Interactive Fiction Meetup, organizing/presenting as needed.


AI-Supported Game Narratives, invited talk, Northeastern University, April 2021.

Talk on storylet-based approach to the design of Animal Farm, Oxford-London IF Meetup, January 2021.

Talk and workshop on storylet-based narrative design, Oxford-London IF Meetup, January 2020.

Project Horseshoe, Texas, November 2019 (participation, not a prepared talk)

Dagstuhl Seminar, Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Games, December 2019 (participation, not a prepared talk)

Panel on the future of games technology at the European Women in Games conference, September 2019

Invited presentation on Spirit AI’s work at Queen Mary University of London, September 2019

Workshop on Games and Natural Language Processing, FDG, San Luis Obispo (may be remotely presented), August 2019

Keynote, IEEE-CoG, London, August 2019

Workshop on natural language understanding Character Engine projects, London IF Meetup, June 2019

CogX Festival of AI and Emerging Technology, London, June 2019

NarraScope, panel on Bandersnatch, Boston, June 2019

State of Play, Dublin, May 2019. “Mysterious and Alluring Problems in Narrative Design.”

Jerusalem Games Conference, Jerusalem, May 2019. “Elements of Interactive Storytelling”

GameFest keynote, Albany, April 2019. Talk on game narrative patterns in multiple media.

Off the Page, talk on games based on classical sources, British Library, April 2019.

London Games Festival, panel at Interactive Narratives Summit, April 2019

Invited seminar talk on Character Engine and related projects, Queen Mary University of London, March 2019

GDC 2019, Turing Tantrums, March 2019

GDC 2019, Ethics in AI panel, March 2019

GDC 2019 AI Summit advisor, March 2019

Chairing Keynote at Beyond the Console talk, V&A Museum, February 2019

Conversation as Gameplay talk, London IF Meetup, January 2019

PocketGamer Connects panel on the future of PC games, January 2019

Digital Cultures 2018, Warsaw, September 2018.

ICCC 2018, panel on industry uses of computational creativity in games, Salamanca, June 2018.

AI Summer School, overview of interactive narrative subjects and projects, May 2018.

GDC 2018, procedural generation panel at AI Summit, March 2018.

GDC 2018, Simplest Trick in the Book panel at AI Summit, March 2018.

GDC 2018, AI Devs Rant at AI Summit, March 2018.

Invited talk at the Knowledge Extraction from Games workshop at AAAI, February 2018.

Keynote at Malta Global Game Jam, January 2018.

Talk on Matching Story and Mechanics, Oxford/London IF Meetup, January 2018.

Introductory talk on AI-assisted game design, Dagstuhl, November 2017.

MICA, Buenos Aires, October 2017. Reprise of “The Uncanny Mirror: Seeing ourselves in AI.”

Progression Mechanics, September 2017. Talk on agency and narrative.

Gamelab, Barcelona, June 2017. “The Uncanny Mirror: Seeing ourselves in AI.”

Strange Tales, presentation on interactive fiction, London, June 2017.

Creative Coast Festival, Sweden, May 2017.

Passaporta Literary Festival, Brussels, interview on literary games. March 2017.

GDC 2017, Narrative Innovation Showcase panel section, February 2017.

AdventureX, “The Past Futures of Interactive Fiction,” London, November 2016.

Wordplay, Inform 7 workshop, London, November 2016.

Wordplay, panel on interactive fiction tool development, London, November 2016.

SUBOTRON arcademy, talk on writing sex and intimacy in games, Vienna, October 2016.

PROCJAM, talk on principles of generating text, Falmouth, October 2016. 

Presentation on procedural narrative and related topics at the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Meetup, October 2016.

Workshop on writing interactive fiction with Texture, Canterbury, September 2016.

Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence, London, September 2016.

Feral Vector, talk on narrative structures beyond branching, June 2016.

Interactive fiction writing workshop, TORCH, Oxford, May 2016.

EGX Rezzed, panel session on the present and future of narrative in games. April 2016.

Invited talk, USC Cinematic Arts Interactive Media & Games Division, March 2016.

GDC 2016, Rules of the Game panel session, talked about visualizing system content. March 2016.

SXSW 2016, “Hacking Language” panel on IF, bots, and esolangs. March 2016.

TORCH Book at Lunchtime presentation on Iain Pears’ Arcadia, Oxford, March 2016.

Class presentation, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, January 2015.

Invited talk, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, November 2015.

Invited talk, Northeastern University, November 2015.

Invited talk, Harvard, November 2015. Presentation on interactivity for theater students.

Wordplay Festival, Toronto, November 2015. Presentation on the power of interaction in storytelling.

Wordplay Festival, Toronto, November 2015. Workshop on writing interactive fiction.

Invited talk, CMU, November 2015. Presentation on interactive narrative.

Science Museum, London, October 2015 workshop on interactive fiction as part of Ada Lovelace bicentennial.

London Southbank University, October 2015, workshop on mechanics and story.

Southbank Centre, October 2015, panel on games writing (“Exit, Pursued by a Zombie”).

Now Play This, September 2015, Somerset House, 15-minute talk on games and intimacy.

Headstart Institute, summer school for indie game developers, workshop on interactive narrative.

ICCC 2015, academic conference on creative computing, keynote. The room was weirdly dry and so my voice is funny and I drank a lot of water, apologies for that.

IRCAM 2015, music and technology research center in Paris, seminar on the artistic power of interaction.

GDC 2015, GDC microtalks session, talk on the uses of tabletop story gaming.

ICIDS 2014, academic conference on interactive storytelling, keynote speaker.

Singapore Writers’ Festival 2014, workshop on interactive storytelling.

Singapore Writers’ Festival 2014, panel on story in games.

AdventureX 2013, presentation on Versu concept and design tools.

PRACTICE 2013, game design conference coordinated by NYU, panel on interactive narrative.

Invited talk at NYU on Versu design and toolset, 2013.

Indiecade 2013, panel on character interiority in games.

Indiecade 2013, panel on Twine interactive fiction (moderator).

Oxford Brookes University, 2013, presentation on interactive literature for an audience studying publishing.

Inventing the Future of Games 2013,  panel on tools for games writing.

GDC 2013, Versu post-mortem in the design track; rated one of the top 50 sessions at the conference.

GDC 2013, Indie soapbox session.

GDC 2013, Experimental Gameplay Workshop.

GDC Austin 2012, presentation on designing for multiple players in the game narrative track.

GDC 2012, artificial intelligence track, presentation on Cotillion project.

INT workshop at AIIDE 2012, academic conference on narrative technologies, keynote on Cotillion project.

Invited talk at UCSC on Cotillion project, 2012.

GDC 2011, artificial intelligence track, presentation on Little Text People.

Inventing the Future of Games 2011, presentation on modeling listening in games.

American Philological Association Meeting, 2011, panel on reception of classics in children’s literature, talk on classical influences interpreted through video games.

Invited talk at UCSC on conversation modeling in games, 2011.

“Complicity”, 2011, a one-day workshop on creating and editing interactive fiction, co-run with Failbetter Games.

GDC 2010, artificial intelligence track, presentation on conversation modeling in games.

PAX East 2010, panel on interactive storytelling.

MIT Purple Blurb series 2010, interactive reading from my work.

Literary festival at the University of Passo Fundo, Brazil, 2009. Five-day workshop on interactive fiction.

Literary festival at the University of Passo Fundo, Brazil, 2009. Presentation on the value of interactive literature.

Association of Computer Machinery Hypertext conference, 2007, panel on tragedy in interactive literature.

University of Pennsylvania, Kelly Writers House, 2004, interactive reading.