I am a game writer, narrative designer, coder, and critic with twenty years of experience developing games, tools, and interactive media experiences.

My work with modeling interactive conversation and generating procedural text has led to me to work with AI to achieve the character and narrative effects that interest me — but I’ve also created a substantial body of less technical work more in the style of conventional fiction.

I stay engaged with the game industry and with academia, through frequent speaking engagements and other service. I am an associate editor of the IEEE journal Transactions on Games, and serve as one of the advisors for the GDC AI Summit. I have contributed chapters to a number of books for game designers, students, and scholars. For several years, I served on the IGF Excellence in Narrative jury.

I launched a London-based meetup on interactive fiction and related topics in interactive narrative. It has been running continuously since 2014 and now features approximately monthly talks, workshops, game-playing sessions, and networking events.

I have been involved in two startups in the narrative AI space, and have experience with serving on a board, pitching to investors, selling to clients around the world, building a team and managing a diverse group of engineering and creative talent. My LinkedIn page contains more information about my business experience.

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